I'm Mirko Grisendi

I live in Reggio Emilia, Italy. I have more than 20 years of experience in communication and design. I love art, design and illustration. For years I have been involved in creating diverse graphic and communication projects for small and big companies. Now I have returned to my original passion for drawing and vector graphics.

For me a white sheet of paper is associated with an irresistible impulse to create and here I can experiment without barriers and continue my journey of artistic research.

Why Vector Arte

Vector Arte is a collection of vector illustrations that I have developed over the years. I wanted to create a place for all those graphic designers, bloggers, content managers, and art directors who, like me, have a constant need of original visual material for web pages, presentations, blogs, brochures, etc. In the catalog you can find a small part of my portfolio. If you are interested in specific subject illustrations please contact me.

My illustrations

Vector Arte catalog offers you vector illustrations created with the aim of enriching and adding style and personality to graphic projects. It is also full of unpublished illustrations that are available either with an unlimited license or with an exclusive license not to mention lots of daily updated FREE content.

Each illustration is available in 2 formats: JPG 15 megapixel and scalable vector EPS. Some illustrations are presented in different colors in order to suit the style of your project.

The Style

Each image is characterized by a minimal style, a basic color palette, and stylised forms. My images are meant to communicate a message with immediacy and to be easily adapted to more possible contexts.

My portfolio continues on...

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