Story Combo Collection

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Thanks to a wide collection of vector elements you will be able to build your own illustration.
Choose the characters and pose them, set the scenario with buildings, plants and skies and give life to your visual storytelling. The collection is continuously updated with new elements. By purchasing this collection you'll have free access to future updates.

The package includes:

  • 8 x John Doe Poses (EPS)
  • 8 x Characters (EPS)
  • 8 x Plants (EPS)
  • 8 x Symbols (EPS)
  • 8 x John Doe Poses #2 (EPS)
  • 8 x Bushes (EPS)
  • 8 x Backgrounds (EPS)
  • 8 x Town Buildings (EPS)
  • 4 x Downtowns (EPS)


Expansion Kits:

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